Mavrix Monthly Update April-2011

  • Our Tech Architect joins. Check out Thej’s profile, and the story of how we bumped into each other 8 years after we first worked together.
  • We finished cataloguing information for a decade of Bollywood songs.
    • Why Bollywood? While we want to catalog everything with an Indian connection, we had to start somewhere. Bollywood undeniably produces the most popular music in India and seemed as good a place to start as any.
    • What do we catalog? Other than what’s already available in the public domain, we are cataloguing a bunch of information that’s available only in CD inserts (at least some of them) – recording studios, instrumentalists, other credits.
    • Is that it? Nope, that’s just the easy part. The tough and also the interesting part – we listen to each song and analyze it for a bunch of musical attributes. Attributes like genre and tempo, and a whole lot more. We buy CDs if they’re available and rely on online (legal) sources if not.
  • Our partner starts work on UI designs. Exciting but also scary! What we decide now is what the world will see at launch.