Mavrix Monthly Update August-2011

  • New team member. Jyothirmayi RK joined us yesterday as Content Writer. As we mentioned in the last post, the content writing firm we had engaged for developing artist bios wasn’t delivering to our expectations. We finally decided to reduce our dependence on them.
  • Analyzing the 70s . Compared to the 00s, 90s and 80s, Bollywood produced some very good music in the 70s. It also produced a heck of a lot of movies. Our stats of albums analyzed per year so far: 2000s 83, 1990s 57, 1980s 79, 1970s 99 (Work in progress). This – in other words – is our excuse for still not being done with the 70s analysis!
  • Development work in progress. Thej and our IT partner firm are cranking it out. I wish all our business partnerships were this professional. We may be churning out code fast, but we’re adding to the feature list faster. But, we’re ruthlessly deferring most of them to future releases. Nothing but the most important features will get implemented at launch.
  • A Mint Lounge article features me.  What started as quick exchange on Twitter between Sidin Vadukut and I, went on to become an article in Mint Lounge.


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