The Man Behind Lata and Asha

Lata Mangeshkar (or an obliging relative?) tweeted this today:

namaskar,aaj mere pujya pitaji master dinanath mangeshkar ji ka 110 va janam diwas hai,hum sab bhai,beheno’n ko jo suro’n ka vardan mila hai ye unhi ki den hain,meri pujya mataji maai,aur mere baba aaj hamare bich mein nahi hain lekin main un dono ko hamesha apne aas pas mehesus karti hun,main jab bhi gaati hun to mujhe aise lagta hai ki baba mere saamne baithe hai aur mujhe sun rahe hain,

Rough translation:

Hello. Today is my dear father, Master Dinanath Mangeshkar’s 110th birth anniversary. My brother and all sisters’ gift of music is because of him. My father and mother have passed away but I still feel their presence near me. Whenever I sing, I feel like he is sitting in front of me and listening to me.

She also shares this song sung by her father:

So what’s the point?

  • An 81 year old lady not only sings, she tweets. Is that cool or what?!
  • Lata’s humility and love for her parents is endearing
  • Master Dinanath Mangeshkar’s song offers us a glimpse of the origins of the Mangeshkar musical gene. His children – Lata, Asha, Usha, Meena and Hridayanath – are all musicians.