How Musical Are You?

BBC Lab UK has come up with a fascinating test of people’s musicality. It involves a series of questions about people’s interest and skills in music and takes about half an hour to answer. The most interesting part of the test is four sets of questions that involve clips of music:

  1. Group the Music – Classify sound clips based on genre
  2. Match the beat – Identify if a beat matches a sound clip
  3. Tap to the beat – Play a beat that matches a sound clip
  4. Melody Memory – Identify if two tunes with different pitches are the same or different.

I fared fairly well overall. The picture above is my musical graph. I got all right in the Melody Memory test, 65% right in Match the beat, 50% right in Group the Music and I was really bad at Tap to the beat.

Go to BBC’s website and find out how musical you are. Have fun!