Raghu Dixit’s Folk-Bhaavageethe-Rock Fusion

The recent trend of stylising Bhaavageethe with contemporary music is becoming very popular. A great and effective contributor to this style is none other than Raghu Dixit, who has significantly recreated most of the Sant Shishunal Sharif’s songs.

This new genre is well-received and asking- for-more kind of stuff.

Bhaavageethe – ‘Songs with Emotion’ (Bhaava – emotions, geethe – song). A form of Sugam Sangeeth, Semi-Classical, with influences of folk. Bhavageethe relies heavily on words & soft musical score. This music form is popular in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Most of the poetry sung in this genre pertains to subjects like love, nature, philosophy, etc.

Listen and enjoy to some of Raghu’s musical treat –

Gudgudiya Sedi Nodo

Soruthihudu Maniya Malilgi