Mavrix Monthly Update August 2012

Here’s what we shipped this month on MySwar:

  1. Added Facebook Like and Google + buttons for artists, albums and songs.
  2. Personalize recommendations – If you have subscribed for the new release mailer, you’ll start seeing personalized song recommendations from the newly released albums based on your ratings. The more songs you rate, the better our recommendations.
  3. Artist aliases – We have spent a lot of effort standardizing artist names (lndeevar/Indivar) so when you go to the artist page, you are looking at the complete discography for that artist. However, till now we didn’t have an approach to present a complete discography for artists who have been credited with different names in different songs/albums. For example, Poornima and Sushma Shreshtha used to go to different artist pages and therefore different discographies, even though they are the same person. We’ve addressed this issue by tying up artists credited under different names. At the album/song level, you’ll see the artist name as credited but when you search for an artist or click on an artist link you’ll see consolidated information that includes all name variations. Here are the name variations we know of and that we addressed in this release. If you know of other variations, please let us know.