Found! The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle! (Meet Our Tech Wiz)

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the role of serendipity in recruiting our Technical Architect. I did not reveal his name because he was still serving the notice period but I am glad to report that he joined us today.

Meet Thejesh (or Thej as we call him) – the mystery man I referred to in that post. Thej and I first met in 2003 when both of us worked at Infosys. I was the dreaded PM and he was a developer in what was probably one of his first projects at Infosys. After that project, we parted ways and never connected again. But that one project was enough for me to slot him in the “Hard-core Techie” file in my memory. Years later while I was struggling to find someone to lead the technology work at Mavrix, I knew I had the right person for the job when I stumbled into Thej.

During that project together, we had written up a short brief about everone on the project. This is what we put together for Thej –

Thejesh likes to be called “Thej The Lord Of Light”! 🙂 He loves exploring new things and shows others the path to areas unexplored. A witty guy too. When told “Thejesh your method is throwing an exception”, his response was “Then catch it”.

I am happy that some things (and people) just don’t change! Check out the team page to see Thej’s profile.

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