Mavrix Monthly Update October-2011

  • Announced beta launch. We announced the beta launch of MySwar a few days ago. Here is a synopsis of some early responses.
  • Winding up. We spent the entire month reviewing, and in some cases re-reviewing, the content we have put together. By the time we are through, we would have reviewed the analysis of more than 15% of all the songs. We’ll still have mistakes but despite that our content will be the most comprehensive and accurate online source of information on Hindi film music.
  • Miscellaneous. A whole bunch of other things in progress including associating songs/albums in our DB with corresponding iTunes and Flipkart links. We are seeding the database with trivia, external reviews (we’ve used just one source for now – Millblog) and award information (Filmfare and National Awards).
  • Testing. A lot of testing done and bugs found. Once they’re fixed, our content team will test the app before unleashing it to the beta users. Another few days and we should be done.
  • Planning beyond launch. We’re lining up features we have prioritized for post-launch releases. As the regular readers might know, we’re launching with the 1971 – 2011 period. We will move on to the pre-70s decades post launch.