A Look Back At 2012

When we put our head down to crank out work, it’s hard to get a sense of what we are actually accomplishing. That happens only when we look back and assess what we delivered. I just did that and am filled with a sense of deep satisfaction and pride at what we delivered on MySwar.in. A quick round-up:

January: We launched MySwar.in after a few weeks of private beta with albums/songs from 1971 to present day.

February: Albums/songs for 1960s, categorized search suggestions, advanced search, ability to browse award-winning films, songs and artists in once place and the trivia of the day feature.

March: Albums/songs for 1950s.

May: YouTube embeds, forgiving searches, listing of popular songs for artists.

June: Listing of popular songs by year and genre.

August: Pre-packaged playlists of all kinds. Artist listings in once place even if they have been credited under different names.

October: Ability to sort in song and album listings.

November: Filters on album and song listings.

December: 1940s albums and songs.

We’re already working on many other amazing updates, so 2013 will be just as exciting if not more. Thanks for your support and encouragement this far and stay tuned!

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