New Member In The Mavrix Family

In the last (and the first!) Mavrix Monthly Update, I had talked about the first Mavrix employee. Now that he has served out his notice period, I can reveal the identity of the mystery man.

Santosh Patil was the first person I interviewed for the Content Manager role and my assessment of his fit with our company values looked something like this:

Love for music√√√√√!!!!√√√√√!!!!√√√√√!!!!√√√√√!!!!
Courage to be different√√√√√!!!!
Positive outlook√√√√√!!!!

I was like a person who buys a lottery ticket for the first time in his life and ends up winning the jackpot. My excitement was soon replaced by dilemma. Should I recruit the first person I interview or should I interview a few more people before deciding? I recruited Santosh without interviewing anybody else. Having interacted with him over the last few weeks, I am really glad that I followed my instinct! I am convinced that I would not have found a better person than him even if I had interviewed a dozen more people.

A quick introduction: Santosh has about 5 years of experience with Infosys BPO (no, I did not know him from my Infosys days) where he was helping a Fortune 500 client with its back-office functions. He has a proven track-record of consistent performance throughout his career. Music is his passion and some friends believe that he can listen to music 18 hours a day (he dreams of music the other 6 hours!). He is married and lives in Bangalore.

Santosh – Welcome aboard!

PS: Check out the updated About page.

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  2. manju

    Congrats Taps. Santhosh seems to have a very impressive passion and taste for music and looks like a perfect team member for your mission. Wishing you add many more to the mavrix family !

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