Signs That You Are A Music Geek

  • At parties, you announce each song, the artists, the back-story and your opinion about the song. And that’s not it. You do it about 1.5 seconds into the song. When you come across a particularly obscure song, you ask the people around you to identify it, and shine your light of your brilliance after they have failed.
  • You argue with your spouse that re-arranging your CD/digital collection qualifies a household chore.
  • You gift your spouse/significant other music or music accessories that you know he/she will not use. And hijack it as soon as the gift-opening ritual is done.
  • Before going on a long drive, you may forget to fill up petrol but there is no way in hell you will forget about creating the perfect playlist of road trip songs.
  • You are one of the oldest people in punk-rock concerts AND one of the youngest people in classical music concerts.
  • You judge people based on their taste in music. People who like Led Zep and R.D. Burman are cool. People who like Yanni and Himesh Reshammiya – you don’t care so much about.
  • You delete photos on your device to make room for music.

Are you a music geek? Know of any other signs of a music geek?

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