Mavrix Monthly Update September-2011

  • Beta launch. You should see our ‘Coming Soon’ page come up in the next few days. When it does come up, please do sign-up to stay informed about the beta launch. If all goes well (fingers crossed!), the beta will be launched in the late October – early November timeframe.
  • Completed UI development. The UI components are complete and undergoing QA this week. A few back-end components need to be completed in the next few weeks before we launch the beta.
  • New team member. Anitha Reghunathan joined us as Developer. Check out her profile on the Team page.
  • Completed analyzing the 70s . We finally completed the analysis of another decade of Hindi film music. We have come a long way since we started this work in March. We started with the 2000s music and worked our way back to the 1970s. Between six people in our team, we have listened to every song in Hindi films composed in the last four decades. We’re quite proud of our achievement.

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