Working in a Startup – The Learning Curve

It’s been 9 months I quit my 5 years job in a prestigious company, Infosys BPO Ltd, and joined a startup. Today I feel contended for taking that brave leap. I made the decision because Mavrix’s intentions and my interest were like cake and the cherry.
The journey so long has been memorable, a crash course in life, more of ups than downs.When I joined as Content Manager, it was just me and my boss at office.
Let me describe my boss – Param. Param has close to 15 years of experience in Infosys Technologies Limited. He is very passionate, a true visionary, highly focussed on what he wants to do. He never goes off-track, be it personnel management, office management or work management. He has been a great inspiration to me in these 9 months of time. He inspires me professionally and as a person. My initial month at office was a self-learning phase where I had to get into the terms of Mavrix’s vision and a great leader to work with.
From second month onwards we sensed it was time to hire people who were similarly passionate to work with us. A tough task, as the requirements were unique and unusual. Though it was difficult to get right people, fortunately we ended up creating a capable Content Team which is full of enthu and dedication. We also have a technical team of two, which is again a wonderful team.
I’m listing some very good things I learnt working in a startup –
  • Value – Startups are built on top of a strong vision and purpose. They provide true meaning in the work to other like-minded people.
  • Opportunities – Get opportunities to expand your horizons, capabilities.
  • Learning – I have learnt more in 6 months in a startup than I did in 5 years in my previous job.
  • Employee Relationship – Everyone is closer to one another and feels good to work.
  • Flexibility – Creates a sense of comfort and ease with flexi-timings (unless misused). On Fridays I do not say ‘TGIF!’ :-), neither I’m less-charged on Monday mornings.
  • Intensity – Start-ups are intense and the emotional charge I get on regular basis is a worthwhile experience.
  • Fun – Startups have more fun. Frequent parties, get-togethers make things even better.

Things have been going great and we, the people at Mavrix, are giving our best to achieve our company’s motto. Good news is that we are ready for the launch of our product website, as already told by Param in one of his post. Do stay in touch with Mavrix for our product launch.